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Technical Methodology

Marrying creative thinking with corporate innovation, we believe in harmoniously balancing creative processes and technical expertise. Pairing the logic of the left-brain with the intuition of the right, our collaborative team strikes this balance head on. Our technical methodology hinges around solid, proven marketing strategy and in-depth digital systems knowledge. We're coders, integrators, systems admins, researchers, and project managers who think strategically.

We're believers in lean and agile. We're cloud tech advocates. We're responsive, mobile and augmented. We all work within an established methodology, honed by years of experience allowing us to manage budgets, deadlines and the business imperative with confidence.

Let's Begin

Develop strategy

Through the chaos of brainstorm sessions, we bring innovation, ideation and creativity, underpinned with a solid understanding of today's market. Whiteboards, sketches and wireframes are used extensively as we forge our way towards workable solutions and cohesive strategies.

Design and Build

There is no shortcut to good design. However, it's rare to get it right the first time, so it's best to design and build in lean and iterative cycles as opposed to a rigid and linear process.


More than smashing a bottle of champagne on a ship, our launches are well-planned slick affairs that launch your brand with a splash.

Measure, learn and grow

In order to accomplish your objective, you must measure the results of each project and generate new ideas. We learn from your users so that you can iterate your ideas and accomplish your objective.