This brand anatomy presents the heart and soul of Provider Assist. It is WHO we are, WHAT we do, and most importantly, WHY we do it.

Company Vision & Mission

Our Vision

An Australia where the aged care industry has realised its full potential by expecting more and demanding only the best for residents, team members and their wider organisations.

How we get there

By being the most influential aged care experts in Australia and driving the industry to a level of excellence and esteem once reserved for the world's most visionary industries.

What we believe

We believe that every aged care facility in Australia should feel empowered to realise their mission of providing residents with the remarkable level of service, care and dignity they deserve, all while exceeding desired business outcomes. Only when both have been achieved has Provider Assist realised our Vision.

Value Statements

At Provider Assist, we:

  • Know that change begins with one person.
  • Encourage each other to dream out loud and grow.
  • Value creativity, innovation and courage in the face of challenges.
  • Love what we do and are proud of the difference we make.
  • Operate ethically and are honest with each other, our clients and ourselves.

Why We're Unique

  • We love, respect and care for the industry we’re in.
  • We make the complex easy to understand.
  • Our ACFI solutions are delivered by expert Registered Nurses only.
  • Our Registered Nurses are passionate clinicians first and ACFI specialists second.
  • Our services are flexible to meet our clients’ individual needs. From correcting critical funding shortfalls through to big picture ACFI and Care management solutions.
  • The work we do empowers our clients and translates into funding used to improve the care, dignity and quality of life for residents in aged care facilities across Australia.

Who We Are

The short story

Provider Assist are Australia’s leading aged care experts. The work we do empowers our clients and translates into funding used to improve the care, dignity and quality of life for residents in aged care facilities across Australia.

The longer story

Starting out in 2002 offering Supplement Recovery support, we soon expanded our services to include a range of comprehensive care and financial solutions, including physiotherapy services and ACFI expertise. Today Provider Assist has Australia’s largest team of clinicians in the field, working in facilities in capital cities and regional areas across the country.

We know that only with appropriate funding can aged care organisations achieve the vision of providing every older Australian with the care, dignity and quality of life they deserve so we offer a range of solutions to encourage facilities to stop cutting costs and start increasing income.

By partnering with us, clients can finally achieve this. Whether it’s as small as freeing up time to truly embrace person centred care, or as big as affording a building project, our services make a real difference to residents’ lives.

Corporate Responsibility

We are committed to operating responsibly and ethically, promoting a diverse and inclusive workplace, practice sound environmental management and invest in positive social impact around Australia.

It is our vision to elevate our people, partners, customers and suppliers so that together we can have a positive impact on the communities we serve.

We do this by:

  • •  Developing technological tools and solutions for the industry;
  • •  Working with education providers to promote the aged care industry as an attractive place for graduates to pursue a rewarding career;
  • •  Providing basic management training for facility managers.

Through our work we believe we can create a brighter future and a better world.

How We Feel

“ We’re an organisation with integrity, passion and gusto to help others reach their potential in providing exceptional services in the aged care industry. ”

“ I feel that I am making a difference and that I have a purpose. ”

“ The opportunities that are provided for professional and personal growth here are remarkable. ”

“ I am thankful to be working with a wonderful team of highly intelligent, motivated people. ”

“ Getting a win-win outcome is what drives us. ”

“ I feel fortunate to be on this journey of growth in a great business. ”

“ I feel proud and happy to work for a company that is making a difference within the aged care industry. ”

“ We are passionate about making a difference in the last phase of residents’ lives. ”

“ Provider Assist is a people orientated company that supports its employees and bring out the best in them.”

Contact us

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