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What realistic representations of your audience can do for your brand

“Rapidly evolving market places present constant challenges for brands to remain relevant. ”

Technology and new communication channels have allowed for content to move at hyper speed and a greater level of reach. Personalised applications and social media make it easier for your audience to filter out what they want to see and research. For this reason, creating lasting connections should be reactive to changes in culture.

Consumer expectation of brands is on the rise. No longer is it just about the product. People want to be associated with brands that reflect their ideals. Their experience with your brand is what keeps them interested and coming back. A brand's integrity is questioned constantly for its inclusion and exclusion of content and in what context.

When deciding on a new campaign or whether to rebrand, the research into understanding the consumer has moved beyond customer surveys. Now, It's imperative to understand what they feel and the dissonance involved in the purchasing experience. Take note of what your customer's realities look like.

It pays to be authentic. The decision to chose your product and service becomes definite when your audience can see your product or service as a part of their life and within their personal space. Big brands like Apple and Coca Cola are communicating with images that encompass the wide array of personalities that they cater for. Other brands are pinpointing experiences and cultures derived from their products and services. While some are abstract in imagery they are realistic in the delivery of the message creating a plausible reality. Household brands are telling and creating the stories of the experiences their consumers have with their products and services. These brands are listening and reacting and, in turn, their consumers are connecting and introducing new cultures around their brand. Their consumers are becoming their greatest ambassadors.

When done right. When copy, imagery and message tell your message in a real way, the end game will have your brand striking a cord with your desired audience. The results will, undoubtedly, be attention turning favourably toward your brand.

When it comes to brands creating unique experiences for their customers, there are numerous examples, but here are three that have stood out to me as speaking in an honest way to their consumers.

British Airways, "Magic of Flying''

Who hasn't stood and watched a plane fly overhead? As a child it is a wondrous thing to behold. This is a great example of portraying something realistic and removing it from the context you would normally view it in and innovating on the delivery of the message. It creates an outstanding and nostalgic experience for viewers.

Allianz insurance, "Ahh moments"

Allianz's 'Ahh moments' ads are spot on. They project the experiences their customers may go through or have gone through prior to engaging their services. The light hearted approach to communicating a stressful moment is completely on target for the services they provide and reminds their customers and potential customers, of feeling relieved when realising they have help available.

Smiths Chips, "Stop the chippie slap"

This campaign resonated with me entirely. Not only is it humorous, it projects the ubiquitous slap many are prone to receive when reaching for a second helping of chips. It personifies the internal process. It's funny but relateable and completely realistic, at least in my chip eating reality.

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