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Tips for Offering Your Customers’ Value from a Melbourne Marketing Agency

“Tips for Offering Your Customers’ Value from a Melbourne Marketing Agency”

Digital marketing is one of the most affordable investments a small to medium business can make to increase traffic, discoverability and profit. Hiring a marketing agency to take on these efforts for you will free up the time you need to focus on your customers and is always advisable. Just as you wouldn’t try and operate on yourself, it’s a good idea to get professionals to handle matters out of your usual wheelhouse of experience. But here are some tips from us, Melbourne marketing agency Indietech, and experts in the industry to on how to get started.

Know and engage with your audience

All marketing begins with an audience, and it’s important you know who and where they are, what they do, what they’re looking for and how you can help them. Value first is always the best motto.


Build a buyer persona so you can accurately gauge where they sit demographically, economically, and sociographically, and their position in the buying cycle when they find you. Are they simply seeking information on the best product or service? And how are you demonstrating you can provide what they’re looking for?

Target your content to them

Once you know who your target market is, create quality and relevant content that answers their questions and places you in the forefront of their minds as an expert once they’re ready to invest. If all you’re doing is promoting and selling, they’ll quickly be turned away unless they’ve see the value you can offer.

Go beyond promotion with your emails

While social media is one of the most lucrative marketing tactics in today’s age, email is still strong if it’s effectively used to nurture interest and leads. Again, this comes down to offering valuable information that answers your customers’ questions without coming across as too salesy. If your customer knows you always offer good insight and values reading your interesting content, they’ll be more likely to open your emails and be interested in your call to action at the email’s end.


Indietech has the knowledge and experience in building traffic and trust for clients, and a passion for everything we do - whether it’s strategy, branding, design, content or support. Our web design, multi-channel marketing, technical systems, content, graphic design and branding are all focused on driving eyes, ears, hearts and minds toward your company. If you need help or direction with the growth and success of your business, contact Indietech with any questions.

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