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The value of print in a digital world

“Even with the popularity and growth of social media and online marketing, printed flyers are still one of the most effective marketing tools available.”

As a creative agency with our roots deeply embedded in the online sphere, we spend the lions share of our time manipulating pixels on screens. Mobile, desktop, tablets, social media and video are an important part of the marketing mix and developing robust online brands is one of our mantras. But that doesn't mean we don't love the printed medium. While the rapid growth of digital will surely continue, there will always remain an important place for the printed medium.

A healthy mix of digital and print media is important for all small and medium-sized businesses. When planning out strategies for clients, invariably printed material plays a formative role in our planning. Because we understand that by seeking out on and offline avenues, we can create opportunities for multiple impressions to get the best ROI for your marketing plan.

Our go-to printing partner is Moule Print and our trusted advisor for all things print at Moule Print is James Doyle. His attention to detail and expert knowledge of all things print has helped us execute high quality booklets, advertising and media kits, brochures, business cards, stationary and plenty more.

Explore James' thoughts on the value of print in a digital world.

Whether it is quality printed letterhead, product brochures or business cards, printed collateral is still a very valuable marketing and communication tool in the growing digital world.

Business Cards

Despite the development of e-business cards and Facebook, LinkedIn etc, exchanging a printed business card when first making a business contact is the norm and important when making a great first impression.

Letterhead & With Compliments Slips

They are both great ways to deliver formal messages and discuss topics of a sensitive or important nature. Legal documents, business contracts and notifications often require quality, professionally printed letterhead. These days, a hand written letter or with compliments slip can be a great way to 'cut through' the mass of emails people receive and help you deliver that important message to your customer.


People still love to receive a printed invitation to a wedding, birthday or event. They are also often kept as a memento of the special event.


Even with the popularity and growth of social media and online marketing, printed flyers are still one of the most effective marketing tools available.

Flyers have great flexibility in distribution, they can be delivered door to door or handed out at public events. They can also be left at venues for interested people to pick up, read and show others.

Australia has a huge baby boomer population, who have not necessarily been exposed to online marketing like Generation X or Y. Not delivering your marketing message and company information to this huge mass of people via printed collateral can risk your message not being delivered.

Great quality printing should be used in conjunction with social networking and digital marketing. Printing QR Codes, messages or even Facebook/Twitter/Instagram logos on your print material can help business owners get the most out of their printed and online marketing.

Indietech print collateral - year marketing calendar and templates

Indietech print collateral - snippets booklet

Indietech print collateral - snippets booklet

Indietech print collateral - business cards
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