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The new look Indietech and what it really means for you

“Professionalism, transparency, creativity, accountability and discipline - we needed to convey these key virtues. Of course, this needed to be delivered with more than a smile: we wanted to convey an emphatic ‘Hell Yeah’. ”

The exercise of rebranding Indietech has been a beautifully insightful journey for everyone at Indietech.

We had out-grown the old look and feel and our offering had changed considerably. We knew it was time to change.

A look at our beginnings

Indietech Digital Marketing Melbourne

We've been operating since 2008 and as the company has evolved we've adapted and changed to meet the varying demands of the industry and our ever-growing client base.

In 2011 our core business was derived from website design and marketing automation. By 2012 over 30% of our client offerings encompassed a more holistic approach to helping businesses succeed online. In the following calendar year it became clear that our services had outgrown what Indietech had originally stood for: Independent Business Systems and Technology.

As we grew, bright young things joined us bringing with them new skills, talents and outlooks.

By mid-2013 it became apparent that it was time for a refresh. Both visually and through voice, we needed to better communicate our services and what we provide to our clients on a daily basis.

We are now a fully-fledged digital marketing agency. Meet the new look Indietech.

Online Marketing Agency rebrand

Organic and still independent

Many businesses start with the end game in mind. For us, in many ways, we have organically grown into what we are today.

It wasn't a matter of being attracted by one model or another. Instead, we had spent many hours of contemplating how our customers saw us, how we saw ourselves and what we need to do to be a respected global brand.

Reflection, analysis, customer and partner feedback told us that it was time to better communicate what we offer to our global client base.

As we evangelise to our own clients and partners, any rebrand wasn't going to be borne from simply wanting to change the look and feel. A rebrand cannot be superficial. Instead we wanted to offer a more targeted proposition of value to the people we do business with.

These ideas provided the direction for our very first internal rebrand.

Online marketing agency rebrand

Delivering a 'Hell Yeah'

Coupled with questions of look and feel, our internal brainstorming sessions revolved around the better communication of our improved process and service delivery. Professionalism, transparency, creativity, accountability and discipline - we needed to convey these key virtues. Of course, this needed to be delivered with more than a smile: we wanted to convey an emphatic 'Hell Yeah'.

All too often, design and technically-focused businesses get bogged down with the flat and repetitious mantra of good design at affordable rates. This is no longer good enough for our clients. Campaigns must be measured. And before that, campaign concepts must be conceived from extensive research and planning. Seamless execution is something that we continue to strive for within budgetary and time constraints. It's the way that we handle these constraints that will ultimately lead to our success or failure as a business.

Quite simply, the 'Hell Yeah' comes from accountability and transparency. 'Hell Yeah' comes from strong personal relationships. 'Hell Yeah' is our passionate integrity.

Indietech Branding icons - online marketers

Our rebrand is about you

With the direction and fantastic feedback from our client base, Digital Marketing Strategy, Brand Strategy, Design, Copy, Web Development, and Online Campaign Management is where Indietech performs best. The results reflected in our work shows us thus.

This same feedback has also lead us to making brand decisions in the name of world-class customer service delivered through innovation and communication.

What can you expect from Indietech throughout FY2015?

  • Improved service delivery for marketing maintenance clients via a client portal.
  • Online campaign calendars to improve digital campaign planning and delivery.
  • A wide array of expert agency partners in the fields of SEO, PPC, photography, videography, and business analytics.
  • Free digital marketing education via our Indiesights resource area to help you stay on top of the latest and greatest.
  • More investment in bleeding-edge analytics tools to help us drive results.
  • A new studio space to hang out in (give us another month or two to complete the studio makeover).

That's all for now. We'll be back in touch with our first of many free education series on marketing automation. We'll release this insightful piece in the coming weeks.

Take care,

Ben Dexter


Online marketing agency rebrand

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