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Scan this: When Quick Response (QR) codes work

“Cross-channel campaigns rely on QR codes to not only act as a vehicle to direct traffic but also to allow us to track and assess the success of the offline component of our campaigns.”

As a design and marketing agency we're always looking for new and original ways to incorporate QR codes into campaigns. A fantastic tool to bring visitors into the virtual world, we inevitably use QR codes in 90% of our marketing campaigns.

In particular, cross-channel campaigns rely on QR codes to not only act as a vehicle to direct traffic but also to allow us to track and assess the success of the offline component of our campaigns.

We've integrated QR codes on posters, brochures, product packaging, stickers, business cards, on-boarding packs and any other kind of marketing collateral we are tasked to create.

We thought we'd share a few ways we've used snap.vu QR codes successfully in our marketing campaigns and how we've tracked them to measure our overall campaign success.

The Bold Advertisement

Rogerson Kenny print advertisementWe were asked by a business accounting group to create print advertisements that would be published in a variety of financial B2B print publications. We knew the advertisement would need to stand out from the competition and we also knew that at campaigns end we would need to know which publications brought the most business to our clients. That way, further marketing spend could be channelled to publications that brought in the most qualified leads.

Using a wild animal theme we created print ads that caught readers eye against the business-like blue and bland grey ads they ran beside. The client's web address was long and difficult to recall, so QR codes were an obvious tool we could use to draw the readers from the print ad to the designated landing page.

Each QR code had its own unique tracking code. Once a potential lead visited the site we immediately knew where they came from and if they eventually showed their interest by submitting their details. With everything tracked via Google Analytics, we could easily see which publication brought in the best return on investment and therefore, where we should continue to place advertisements.

The Handy Brochure

Friendly Moving Men flyerRecently local movers, The Friendly Moving Men, approached us to brainstorm new ways to bring in business and build customer loyalty for their growing business.

Hailing from the hip inner north of Melbourne, their target audience were savvy avid smart phone users so alongside a funky landing page to bring in organic and paid visitors, we also created a small flyer that would be given to customers directly after a successful move. The flyer would ask them to hop online via QR codes and review the movers at a range of popular review sites. Providing the easy scan-to-online option, users were more likely to bring out their phones right there and leave a glowing review.

The Gigantic Posters

Having completed the branding for new public bar and pizzeria Network, we moved on to the next stage and created a poster to be pasted over the outer walls as the venue was built. The row of duplicate posters made them eye-catching and with the posters not giving away much information, the QR codes allowed curious passers by to find out more about the soon-to-be launched venue.

Network Public Bar poster Youth Projects poster

Again posters were used when Youth advocacy organisation, Youth Projects, were planning an event to screen popular documentary, Breaking the Taboo. Like Network, they also required paste up posters to be placed around the CBD. The iconography of the poster definitely caught the eye of the populace, while the QR code took interested parties directly to the events booking page. The event sold out weeks before the screening and was a complete success.

These are just a few ways we have found QR codes to be successful in our print campaigns and without a doubt QR codes play an important role in our marketing efforts, something a hard-to-remember web address just wouldn't enable us to do. The fact we can add tracking links to every code means we can always see what is working and what isn't and change tact accordingly.

We look forward to uncovering new and original ways to incorporate QR codes in the future as we're sure it will be a marketing medium that will grow and change with the times and become ever more indispensable.

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