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Motion graphics and how can they work for you

“Videos build the trust factor, particularly if you are the star and prospects get to meet you via the small screen.”

Whenever possible, having a video on your landing page or website home page should be your top priority.

For very little effort your visitors can take in your key messages and gain a deeper understanding of your products or services. Plus, videos are an extremely engaging medium (if done right!).

Video is popular and familiar. After all, we've all grown up surrounded by moving images - on TV, on the big screen, on sites like YouTube and, increasingly, on ecommerce websites.

The power of online videos for conversions is undeniable. Studies have shown that video inclusion can increase your site's conversion by up to 80% - time and time again they've been shown to reduce hesitancy on purchase or sign-up. And let's not beat around the bush, your website exists for one reason only; To generate income for you and your team. Information is good, brand presence is great, but revenue is your numero uno goal.

So why is video so damn effective?

Here's a few reasons (you may have some of your own to add).

  • People stay on your page longer so your brand message will sink in that little but longer.
  • Videos build the trust factor, particularly if you are the star and prospects get to meet you via the small screen.
  • Web browsers are lazy, they’d rather watch than read (wouldn’t we all)
  • Social media sites and video go hand in hand - with social media encouraging video posting and sharing, the viral video opportunities are endless.
  • From very small businesses to corporations with more generous budgets, there are a range of video options out there.

This article focuses on one of our popular web video offerings (we have other options to suit all budgets), motion graphics.

We love creating motion graphics

Motion Graphics are a beautiful, smart, modern way to present your brand, products, services and more. They tell your story with a can't--peel-your-eyes-away kind of technique. They're clever, they're now and they make a real impact. A well put together motion graphics video can turn your visitors into sales, get your brand in front of interested online visitors and, let's be honest, will make you and your brand look really awesomely cool.

Need proof?

Well, look no further than our body of work. If you want to know what is motion graphics, just check out our videos below:

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