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Lead Magnets - Attracting potential leads with quality content

“There are numerous ways to capture your site visitor's details. When setting up a lead capture strategy the key is to focus on providing a quality magnet”

Generating leads through lead attraction

There are two reasons to encourage to people visit your site. The first is so customers can find information about your business and products and the second is for lead capture.

You may have plenty of traffic visiting your site but without a way to reach out and capture their details they may simply pass through your site and never return (or even forget how to find you again).

It makes sense then that capturing leads should be an integral part of your online business and web campaign. When done effectively lead capture can increase traffic, boost sales and turn your site into a valuable resource- interested visitors will actively search for and visit your site to find industry resources, information and other goodies.

What is Lead Capture?

Lead capture is the act of capturing or obtaining contact information from your sites or landing pages visitors. By offering something of value to your visitor they may then grant you permission to contact these subscribers (or opt-ins) at a later date. This means you are able to send newsletters, special offers or other promotional material through email, by phone or directly to a physical address (I know, crazy, right?).

How would Lead Capture benefit your business?

If you can effectively attract visitors to fill in their details in return for a valuable resource, service or free trial (to name a few techniques - we'll go into more detail shortly) then you will be able to market to them in the future. As we like to say: 'today's leads are tomorrows buyers'.

How to Capture Leads

There are numerous ways to capture your site visitor's details. When setting up a lead capture strategy the key is to focus on providing a quality 'magnet'

Below are some popular, tried-and-tested lead capture magnets that will have you building up a valuable database of warm leads in no time.

1. Offer a free e-book

It may not be a best seller, but who better to write an informed e-book about your industry than someone who has and continues to work in your industry? That's you, by the way.

A great way to establish authority and deliver a good chunk of content to your potential customers, e-books are an extremely effective way of capturing leads.

Just remember these important points:

  • Pick a narrow topic and provide plenty of valuable information. Or, if you're really keen, write a few e-books on some key industry topics, you will then be able to segment your database based on your leads interests. This means you can deliver more targeted campaigns in the future.
  • People do judge books by the cover, make it look good - in it's electronic form, of course.
  • If you're time poor, pay someone to write it for you. There are plenty of copywriters out there who will write a professional e-book for you based on your information.

2. Email series

This process is much like writing an eBook, but your information is divided up in easy to digest segments. So, chapter-by-chapter your leads receive useful information that covers your industry. Make sure your content is interesting for your readers and offers useful information and advice.

A few things to remember:

  • Make sure it's well written and carefully edited.
  • Make it interesting- throw in some 'did-you-knows', statistics, hints and tips.
  • Include a call to action in each email and set it up so you can track clicked links. This will ensure you will know if you're email series is working hard for you.

3. Video Series

Similar again, a free video series will help to educate your leads and establish an authority in your industry. You can deliver your video series automatically.

A video series is perfect for time poor leads, for people who prepare to learn through multi-media - rather than the old-fashioned (and dare we say, dying art of the written word), or people who just like to have a few options in the way they learn.

Make your series interesting and show your personality. As long as your script (or free stylin') is interesting you'll have a video series ready to attract your all-important leads.

4. Free Trials

Why not give your leads a taste of what you are offering? Free trials can be very enticing. Everyone likes to try before they but. And haven't we all signed up and found a product or service is exactly what we are looking for and paid for the full program when the trial is up?

While you are running your trial be sure to continue an automated email series to encourage your users to make use of their trial. Using a video or email series for your follow-up series is a good way to keep your trial customers on board and ready to buy when the trial is up.

5. Webinars

A number of our clients offer free webinars to attract leads. The one thing they all have in common is that they offer good quality tips, tricks and information. People like webinars because they are interactive and provide information quickly (well, we are the MTV generation, after all). One of the downsides is that they can take a bit to setup. But, once done, they are very effective lead magnets for wide a range of industries.

6. Downloadable Kits

Why don't you combine a few of the discussed lead magnets into one irresistible little package? You'll be covering all bases: a bit of video, a bit of text, a few handy documents, worksheets, articles and more.

Think about what your clients and potential clients would find useful. What kind of information would they be searching for? Get in their shoes and create a complete downloadable kit that would help them.

7. Free Quote or Consultation

Probably the easiest of all the lead magnets to create, everyone loves (and expects) a free quote. Potential customers also want to feel that there is no obligation when they approach you to see how you could help.

Over the phone or in person, a free 20 to 30 minute session opens the way for you to use your persuasive sales skills, show your knowledge of the industry and gives you a chance to ask about their business- you'll both learn a lot.

To offer a free quote online, use a contact webform specially designed for quotes. You may want to include a number of simple questions so you know a little about your prospect before talking.

Please note: this lead magnet technique, while easy to set up, may - when you have many leads- begin to suck up your time. Use with care.

So, that's just a few examples of how people attract people online. Some may work for you, others may not. We know a lot of our clients have benefited from a number of these lead magnets.

What's your preferred lead magnet technique? Or do you have another way to attract potential leads?

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