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How to properly attribute an artist on your website or blog

“Creative Commons have specific guidelines, which they require you to follow when attributing images licenced under the Creative Commons licences.”

How to properly attribute an artist

Photo credit: Seyed Mostafa Zamani via Photopin, CC

It is always important to make sure you attribute the artist appropriately. Creative Commons have specific guidelines that they ask you to follow when attributing images licensed under the Creative Commons licenses. You can view a guide to attributing artists in Creative Commons by following this link, but here is a quick rundown of what your attribution needs to include, taken from the guideline itself.

To ensure your attribution is "attributing the creator of a CC licensed work in the best possible way", you must include:

  • Credit the creator;
  • Provide the title of the work;
  • Provide the URL where the work is hosted;
  • Indicate the type of license it is available under and provide a link to the license (so others can find out the license terms); and
  • Keep intact any copyright notice associated with the work.

It seems like a lot of information to include, but the guide also explains how you can do this easily, without trailing each image with a large caption of text.

Now you've learnt why it's important to acknowledge image copyright, read about some of the laws surrounding image copyright and creative commons, and have learnt how to appropriately attribute an artists when using their work, it's time for you to get your paws on some free image sources to get you started on your journey to a website full of beautiful, free and legal images.

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