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Five reasons why you need a copywriter

“You’ve invested in the complex graphics and cutting edge designs. So why risk undermining your professionalism and possibly losing clients due to simple spelling mistakes or grammatical errors?”

Are you thinking of hiring a digital marketing agency to rebrand your business? Build a website, create a new logo or maybe manage your social media? It all sounds like pretty complex stuff. Not only does it take ninja like tech skills and an abbreviations dictionary (CRM, PPC, DNS anyone?), but it also requires access to expensive tools and computer programs.

However, not all aspects of marketing are as complicated as that. There are the words. Letters strung together to tell your company's story. The story of how your products or services will change the world. The writing. Finally a piece of the mystery that is marketing that you completely understand! And not only that, you actually know how it's done. You've done it thousands of times!

Better still, no expensive programs needed. Just you and your laptop. So you'd be crazy to pay someone else to do it for you, right?

Well, no. As a matter of fact you'd be a bit of a fool not to. And here are my top five reasons why.

1. You don't have the time.

Do you know how long it's taken me to write this article so far? Well, I'm not planning to tell you, but here's a hint: longer than it's taken you to read it. And then some. Like all forms of writing, copywriting is a process, and although you can train yourself to write faster, good copy has to be allowed to take time. And as a business owner you don't have it.

2. You don't know your business well enough.

This might sound outrageous, but it's true. You might know everything there is to know about the services you provide and how you provide them. You know your business' history, its strengths and weaknesses. But you can never step out and see your business from the outside. And guess what? That's where your customers are. Having an outside perspective on your business and capitalising on what you see is crucial for successful marketing.

3. It's a skill that takes practice.

Being able to handle a pair of scissors doesn't mean you cut your own hair, right? There's a reason that professional copywriters study their craft for years before putting pen to paper professionally.

Copywriting is not only what you're putting out there; it's how you package your message. How you present it to make the text grab the reader and keep her glued to the page, through the correctly placed commas until the very last full stop.

And when all the writing is done, it's time for...

4. SEO + PPC = CPM and other confusing letter combinations.

The abbreviation dictionary is no longer only for the geeks in the programming department (although many writers wish it was). SEO (search engine optimisation), PPC (pay per click) and CPM (cost per mille) are all terms copywriters must keep in mind when working. And it has - I'm sorry to say - nothing to do with being a good writer in the general sense of the term.

5. You're investing in marketing.

You've invested in the complex graphics and cutting edge designs. So why risk undermining your professionalism and possibly losing clients due to simple spelling mistakes or grammatical errors?

If you enjoy writing and have a flair for it, why not include a blog on your website? Providing free information, resources and behind-the-scenes industry insights is an excellent way of creating a following. It's also an opportunity to get a bit personal by using your own language and tone of voice. Don't like writing but still want to create the intimate feeling that comes with using your own distinctive tone and characteristic use of words? Well, as creepy as it may sound, a copywriter can do this for you. Feels like cheating? Well, here's an industry insight for you. You'd be far from alone.

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