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Adobe Business Catalyst end of life and CMS migration plan

“As Adobe announces the End of Life for its small business CMS - Adobe Business Catalyst - we have put together a migration plan and set of tools to help business smoothly migrate to an alternative CMS”

Our Creative Director, Ben Dexter, lays out a plan for Adobe Business Catalyst customers to help them prepare a CMS migration plan for their impending transition to a new platform.

Adobe drops the bomb

Many of our customers were confronted with an announcement from Adobe this week that as of 26th  March 2018, the CMS vendor would be discontinuing development of the platform. Even more definitive, Adobe will stop all hosting by 26th March 2020.

The writing had been on the wall for quite some time as no significant platform updates had occurred in at least 3 years. As a result, we had been recommending to clients that they craft a CMS migration plan to smooth the process of transitioning away from Business Catalyst to more capable platforms such as Wordpress, Drupal or Kentico.

Adobe has provided some vague recommendations on how to develop a CMS migration plan to move to other comparative CMS platform. However, for businesses that rely on this all-in-one system to run their online marketing, the information provided is not sufficient to make a sound decision.

The bottom line

This announcement requires Adobe Business Catalyst customers to consider a partial or full website rebuild on an alternative CMS platform. Depending on the website functions and volume of content, Indietech recommends that businesses find a suitable digital marketing partner and commence a website migration and development project towards the end of 2018 at the latest.

To assist, we have built a basic Adobe Business Catalyst migration plan for marketers to begin making the appropriate manoeuvres.

As we are platform agnostic at Indietech, we have made some CMS recommendations based on like-for-like features that align with Business Catalyst's feature set. However, this list of features is not definitive and your agency partner of choice will need to analyse your existing website to build a tailored migration plan and project specification. View the presentation below and download our checklist.

CMS migration tips and tools

Taking the first step...

Lucky for current Adobe Business Catalyst customers faced with this end of life sequence, we have been refining our migration process over the last three years - with many clients preferring Wordpress as their new tool of choice. If you wish to discuss your options with us, please contact Ben Dexter on 0422 648 728.

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