• "Indietech have been amazing with the set up of our system and helping us gain clarity around how best to implement our strategies"

    Aidan Montague

    Director of Panorama Synergy

    We're crazy about Infusionsoft.

    We know how easy it is to expand your businesses potential with Infusionsoft. We've seen profits increase while running costs drop. We've implemented hundreds of Infusionsoft strategies that have saved valuable time, effort and thousands of dollars in missed sales.

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  • "Thank god I've got Indietech for my Infusionsoft set-up! They made it really easy for me."

    Denise Duffield-Thomas

    Coach + Author of Lucky Bitch

    Australian Infusionsoft Experts

    Our insider knowledge of all things Infusionsoft has led us to become Australia's go-to Infusionsoft specialists.

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  • "I would recommend anyone to use Infusionsoft and to use the help of Indietech."

    Jane Nguyen

    Complete Business Accounting

    Infusionsoft – The all-in-one Marketing Mastermind

    • Effortless Attractor – Engage your customers with customised landing pages and social media campaigns.
    • Clever Collector - Capture data through easy webforms and measure your results.
    • Relationship Maker – Send timely, targeted emails, SMS, fax or print campaigns to your customers to build rapport.
    • Opportunity Creator – Capture hundreds, if not thousands of dollars of, otherwise, missed business.
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  • "Indietech have been an invaluable resource for us in our Infusionsoft setup."

    Crystelle Topatan

    Business Manager at Kerwin Rae

    • Effort Saver – Keep in contact with your prospects and customers thanks to smart automations.
    • Sales Finaliser - Score your leads automatically so you can close more deals, faster than ever.
    • Online Shopper – Build and manage your online store setup, fulfillment and billing from one easy system.
    • Repeat, Repeater - Grow your business by encouraging repeat business and building partners and referrals.
  • "I always recommend Infusionsoft to businesses looking to be more proactive… Indietech are the team to help you implement."

    Shane Price

    Director of StreamBiz Marketing

    Get moving with Infusionsoft.

    Whether you're considering or you already use Infusionsoft and if want to take your business to the next level then speak to us.

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  • "Since teaming up with Indietech, we have seen a huge increase in demand for our training products… we are now reaching clients in ways that we were never able to before."

    Peta Bollen

    General Manager of Equalis

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    Pick 'n' Mix Infusionsoft Services

    • Intelligent follow-up sequences and automated campaigns
    • Shopping carts, opportunity management and sales funnels
    • Lead capture and qualification strategies
    • Personalised digital and print campaigns
    • Scheduled, automated and reactive email campaigns
    • Webinar integration (inluding omnovia, GoToWebinar)
    • Infusionsoft website integration and API development
    • Marketing strategy, copywriting and web design services

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